What they said – SK Life Coaching

Testimonials - all clients gave me permission to share


‘The overall impact of coaching with Sara has been noticeable, not just by me but also by my family & friends. Sara walked alongside me while I broke down my goals into workable chunks. I worked out how to free myself from the anchors that prevented me from moving forward. Because of our sessions I feel lighter. I’ve stopped letting the past influence my future. I can’t thank Sara enough for helping me to unlock the answers I held inside of me.  Sara is a truly inspirational coach, with endless warmth and empathy.’    Jane, Social Worker

 ‘I was part of a group reflective coaching session for social workers led by Sara Knight. The purpose of the coaching was to help us understand the principle of self -analysis and how we can manage our emotions and help ourselves professionally, especially working in such a complex environment. I am normally very sceptical about these types of training, but found the session helpful and thought provoking. Thank you Sara, excellent session’    Paul from Lewes


‘On first meeting Sara evidenced her professionalism and her undoubted level of skill quickly became evident. Sara is empathic and I very quickly established a feeling of trust not only in her as a Coach but also in her skills. As a result, I was able to take risks and verbalize difficult and confusing thoughts.  From the beginning I had a feeling of being with someone who knew, “thoroughly” what their role entailed and how to implement the Coaching models. Sara, very quickly helped me understand her role and my responsibility to do the “work” with her being the guiding light, so to speak. Sara was always very clear and succinct in her words and this made understanding and processing my thoughts a straightforward process. As a result of this, I was able to quickly turn confusion into clarity and from this attainable plans and goals for the future.  I always found Sara to be a very competent practitioner who “I feel” has an undoubted talent for the coaching role. I would happily recommend Sara as a Coach to anyone and will I am sure call on her skills again at some point in the future.’   Andrew


 ‘I found Sara’s coaching sessions helped me identify and overcome several problems I had been facing. I was able to help myself rather than receive advice. Sara helped me feel more motivated and able to overcome obstacles that I had created. Furthermore with Sara’s coaching, I now have the confidence to start further learning of which I am now doing’   Craig


‘Sara coached me on issues relating both to my professional work and personal life. Sara is an extremely supportive coach, who shows lots of warmth and empathy in her coaching style. She demonstrated this in our coaching sessions by really listening well to me and reflecting back my words and phrases that I was using. I always felt very positive about myself and the goals that I had chosen after working with Sara as she drew out my strengths and focussed on these. Sara took time to find out what was important to me. I always felt committed to the actions that I had agreed to at the end of our coaching sessions, and I felt that Sara really believed in my ability to achieve these. It felt very refreshing to have someone who showed this belief in me and as a consequence I believe I have gained confidence in myself as a person.  Sara always remained very professional throughout every session, re-capping on the previous session and the parameters for the next session. Thank you Sara I am sure you will inspire many more people like me’   Karen, Business Psychologist

‘ Sara empowered me to think about all of the positives and the negatives and how I could ‘rephrase’ my thoughts. Sara inspired and motivated me to start challenging the way I thought about work and has provided such positive support. The impact of  Sara’s coaching has improved my mind set and helped me to push past the negative barriers. Overall Sara has helped me feel more positive about my work and has enhanced my self -belief about the job I do,   Thank you Sara’ Caroline from East Sussex