I have over 11 years of supporting people of all ages with disabilities, ranging from moderate to severe and enduring. I have had the ultimate pleasure in supporting people with disabilities over this time by managing projects, procuring employment or work experience for them when I managed the Workchoice programme for the Shaw Trust. Experience of social work with East Sussex County Council in the Transitions Team and finally delivering workshops and social enterprise projects to young people with moderate to severe disabilities at colleges. I believe my empathy, people skills and passion have helped me in all of these roles.

Parents, carers, social workers, practioner’s, CEO’s, people of any age with disabilities …… Contact me for Coaching support for any of your needs whether personally or professionally.

What a parent said, ‘ From the first meeting that Sara attended at our house, she seemed to understand my situation. She had to show a lot of compassion in that first meeting, because having to say that my daughter wanted to leave home and I can’t cope with her anymore was a massive thing to admit and I remember getting very emotional. My daughter has severe learning disabilities, global developmental delay, epilepsy, poor muscle tone and bladder neck instability. She suffers from epilepsy, generalised seizure disorder and myoclonic jerks, and poor co-ordination, constipation, motion sickness, severe vitamin D deficiency, Paronychia, Menorrhagia, feet problems, including - flat feet (orthotic insoles required) bilateral hallux vulgus, flexible mallet toe, verruca's and Spinal Scoliosis…….

Sara not only showed compassion but was very professional in her approach. I am very grateful to Sara for her support. Sara supported me as a mum, and my daughter with great respect as the young person who she was working for.  I couldn't have wished for a better person to represent myself and my daughter in this transitional time of our lives.

Another testimonial:

I first had the pleasure and good fortune to meet Sara in the Spring of 2017. She was an absolute breath of fresh air. After many years of dealing with mostly people who were totally uninterested in my son’s future, caring less that he was actually a person rather than just a number.

My son is diagnosed with Autism, severe learning Disability, OCD and an early Onset Psychosis and heightened states of anxiety.

Sara was like myself, very passionate and committed that everyone had the right to the best possible future. To have the chance to reach their full potential, to believe in themselves, to have self esteem and a true feeling of worth, thus allowing them to become a valued member of society.


The transition period for my son had the potential to become disastrous. His Learning Disability and associated problems are very complex. His case from the beginning was a very difficult one. Only someone with the dedication, knowledge and perseverance to try to understand the importance of trying to secure the correct placement to allow my son to reach maximum potential in a safe, secure and nurturing environment was needed. This someone being Sara.

Sara was as always truly professional, always keeping us updated at an extremely fragile time in our lives. Not only does Sara fully support her clients, but their entire families, realising that living with such changes can be life breaking.