'You can’t teach anybody anything, only make them realise the answers are already inside them’- Galileo Galilei

Hello and a very warm welcome to my coaching & training website. My name is Sara Knight, founder of SK Life Coaching and I am so interested in hearing from you. I am a Strength & Key results Life Coach, with my niche concentrating on Resilience Mindset Coaching. This means I help you to play up to your strengths in order to transform your thoughts that are holding you back, both personally and professionally to get the results you desire, and to give you tools to start changing your mindset and build resilience in whatever you aspire to do in life.

We work together to re-energise and rejuvenate you and your perspective thoughts.

Coaching is about investing in the future YOU.  I call myself a ‘Facilitator & Awareness Raiser,’ giving my clients time and space to allow them to explore goals, take firm action in order to make life changes. Coaching is a conversation involving me actively listening to you, asking powerful questions to elicit deeper thinking of yourselves.

I am passionate about empowering people and you will find more information in the ‘About Me’ section of my website to see whether you think we will ‘fit’  I know that you are exploring coaching, training & consultancy if you are reading this, so you must really want to make positive changes to your personal or professional life.   I have supported numerous clients make their own decisions by strategising and action planning to enable them to reach their own bespoke goals in making a commitment to forge their own success pathways. The evidence is on my Testimonials page.

Please read on to find out how I can help you be the best person you truly want to be. You have all of the answers inside.

Make the change. See the Difference’ with SK Life Coaching. I also offer training and consultancy for your business needs.

'Enlisting Sara's services as my Life Coach was a great way to help me create a plan for my goals. Sara monitored my progress and assisted me in overcoming my obstacles that got in my way. When I achieved my goal I felt a great sense of accomplishment in my abilities. Sara inspired me by her unique, personal approach, for me to go out and create a life of my dreams'

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Find out about my coaching business, my passion in
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