‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’ - Nelson Mandela (Madiba)

Are you a parent/carer, Senco, Head/Principle, SLT, student both child/young adult, teacher, NQT, Governor, TA/INA, University Lecturer, College Lecturer, Bursar etc.? then please do get in contact to enable yourself to grow from great to OUTSTANDING!

You’re a wonderful parent, educator & pupil who gives a huge amount to others, strives to be their best; would you like to look after yourself to the same degree you look after/engage with others in your care or peer group? Would you like to increase your resilience? Would you like to have an even greater impact? You know your why, that’s what made educators choose teaching, parents strive to be the best role model to their children, and young people looking for aspiration and tools for your future you. Remember the power of your motivation? Work with me and feel re-energised, reinvigorated and recharged. I will provide you with a bespoke tool kit that will help you expand into your full professional potency.

My areas of expertise include; behaviour, confidence, resilience, exam stress, poor grades, school/life balance, exam preparation, youths in transition (next steps), parents in transition (as they go through the transition with their children) career coaching to name a few.

My experience has been working in/for schools/colleges, national charities and East Sussex County Council. I established and managed a Young People’s Services project, managed social enterprise projects, delivered Oxford, Cambridge and RSA Examinations (OCR) Employability Skills as a Trainer & Coach to disadvantaged and excluded young people and working with local employers to secure the chance of work experience which has led to Apprenticeships and work. I have five years experience working for the local authority in the Inclusion Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (ISEND)in the education team, and more recently in Adult Social Care for 16-25 year olds with severe and enduring disabilities. Now as a fully qualified Resilience Mindset Coach via the Coaching Academy (the largest training organisation of its kind in the world) I am embarking on further development and studying a diploma in Coaching in Education. This is an area of passion for me, to enable and empower others to believe in themselves and realise their full potential. This is my ‘Why’.

My role in this area of Coaching within education is to enable you to take control, to have autonomy. We are sometimes governed by our feelings and emotions, and the overwhelming sensations this can bring to individuals which can lead to stress, anxiety or even depression. Allow me to take you through a journey of self discovery, to enable you to understand the different personality styles and how you can recognise them from a distance to bring harmony to situations you historically thought were out of your control.

Coaching is all about YOU the client whether you need resilience to work in the education environment, or a young person transitioning from GCSE to A-level, A-level to University/Apprenticeship/world of work, a parent/carer struggling with their anxious/stressed teenager.. to name a few.

What choices are you going to make today to enable a brighter and equipped future?

Contact me for one to one or group coaching/workshop opportunities to enhance the future you.

Enhanced DBS and Safeguarding trained.