When is your yet?

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When is your YET?, your defining moment when you say, ‘I achieved it, I did it!!’  How can you STOP saying, ‘I’ll do it later, or ‘I can’t achieve that, it’s too big'….. I did exactly that, put off what I was destined to do, to empower others because I was scared of the commitment, said I was just too busy to study whilst holding down a 9-5 job but then I just shifted into a ‘can do approach’.  Believe me before becoming a fully qualified Life Coach and working hard to gain my qualification after my full time job  in the evenings and weekends, I had my own self limiting beliefs. My coaching journey made me aware of my belief in myself and that everything was doable if I just applied my mind and eradicated my negative thoughts.

You can do anything you set your heart and mind on doing. So make 2019 your year. Accomplish your goals, make them POSSIBLE.