I am married to my soul mate, Siya. This is our second marriage and between us have five grown up children. I know and can empathise only too well the emotional turmoil, doubts and self-limiting beliefs I had when going through my divorce.

 My husband is from South Africa and I embrace his culture with open arms. He is teaching me his native tongue of Xhosa, which is going slowly on my part. We are both Christians and love our fellowship in our local church and supporting the community. I adore LIFE and every piece of rich tapestry it presents on a daily basis.

My historic professional career reflects expertise in service management, project work, training, & social work, within highly visible and uniquely challenging environments from education, welfare to work, recruitment, special educational needs with severe and enduring disabilities. I have gained eclectic skills from these roles, but always felt there was something missing. I have a long-standing interest in communication and neuro linguistic programming and am fascinated with the different ways we perceive the world around us and communicate with each other.

If I was asked to describe myself I would say; passionate, bubbly, smiley, open and focused on enhancing and empowering other people's lives. My vibrant, colourful personality means I relate to everyone, and naturally have a keen aptitude to want to empower others - you all have the natural ability within you to do this!

My life defining moment began in London a few years ago when I enrolled on The Coaching Academy FREE two day event to see whether I could become a Life Coach...... I noticed tears were running down my face... I was home; I knew that I had been waiting for this day for most of my adult life. I wanted to become the best possible coach to enable others to achieve their full potential.

When you achieve your goals you feel a great sense of accomplishment in your abilities, inspiring you to want to go out and create a life of your dreams.

This is exactly what I have done. I overcame barriers such as fear, lack of money and even a self- limiting belief, that someone like me can’t have their own business and live my dream of empowering others to be the ultimate best they can be.

I turned this negative belief into my positive belief with a ‘can do approach’ and here I am fully qualified with a Distinction as a Personal and Professional Life Coach. Now I’m doing exactly that… empowering others who find it hard to believe in their own ability and their dreams becoming a reality.


Step with me to accomplish your aspirations, you have the tools and ability.